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We help you consolidate data from all of your tools, applications, and databases—we are data agnostic.

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No need to learn a new reporting language. Consolidate data from multiple sources into an Excel report at the click of a mouse.

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Your customized solution would be ready in weeks, not months. We do all of the heavy lifting while you concentrate on your job.

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Data can be imported into the Dataccuity central repository from any source. We can host your data in the cloud or in your existing on-premise environment.


Eliminate reporting errors through our streamlined data integration product. This allows you to make accurate decisions faster with accurate data.


You like to see your data in your own way—we’ll be the lens for you to look through so that you can view everything how you need to for your business.

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There’s no way we could be providing the level of advanced reporting to our clients without Dataccuity’s database and its integration with the reporting capabilities of Excel.

Bruce D.

President of Dehm Associates


As an accountant, I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to learn any programming language to build, modify, and distribute our report book to the executive team. Dataccuity allows me the time to analyze data rather than wait for IT to build our reports.

Catherine F.

Director of Accounting, Blick Art Materials


Dataccuity undoubtedly exceeded our expectations. It was installed quickly and is easy to use. We were writing and generating our own reports in no time. We were able to seamlessly link Dataccuity to all our databases and software systems to generate a variety of analytical reports that have allowed us to greatly improve expense management.

Brad H.

CFO, Home Brands


Dataccuity budgeting links seamlessly with our PDI Enterprise software and provides Excel based worksheets for our managers to edit and create budgets then it seamlessly imports the budgets into PDI.

Alan B.

Director of Finance, Flyers Energy


We’ve already received excellent customer service from the Dataccuity Team.   The staff that we’ve worked with have been very knowledgeable, friendly, and very responsive, providing us outstanding customer service.  We’re excited about working with the Dataccuity Team now and for many years to come

Jyl Ruland

Assistant CFO, St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospitals and Clinics


The 5-year budget that previously took literally hundreds of hours to prepare and was prone to error now takes significantly less time with less error.  The reports that Dataccuity created are tailored to the unique characteristics & needs of our business and allow us to plan for the future with greater confidence.

Steven Troutman

Controller, OnCue


Dataccuity has enhanced my budget development process a great deal, providing a stable and steady platform.  It also has streamlined my financial reporting, allowing for standardized reports across all of my operating divisions and seamless consolidation of worldwide operating results, thus ensuring data integrity and accuracy.  Dataccuity’s ease of use and flexibility makes writing management reports a breeze.  Dataccuity is backed by a team of dedicated professionals who work in partnership with us and is always responsive to their customer’s needs.  It’s such a pleasure to work with Dataccuity

Robert Ching

Director of Budget and Finance Reporting, Komar Brands


Our Clients

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