Dataccuity is an Oregon-based software company that is focused on helping our customers streamline multi-source data integration for reporting – allowing decision makers to make accurate decisions faster. Our team lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps data, and our life’s purpose is to bring customized Business Intelligence solutions that increases productivity, improves reporting accuracy, and gives our customers the tools to turn their data into knowledge faster.

Our mission is focused around integrating easy to use data agnostic solutions, and we evangelize this through our reporting, budgeting, and dashboard software. We truly care about each and every one of our customers and make a point to ensure they never feel like a number – to us, they are our friends and family. To them, we are their secret weapon – and the reason why their competition won’t sleep well at night.


Company with Heart

We make sure that we have the best possible team working here by promoting a good work environment. If your heart isn’t in the work that we do, we’re doing it wrong.  We put our employees first, when our team is happy they can be focused and passionate about the work.

Customer Experience

We deeply care about our customers and their success.  Our team is dedicated to our customer’s experience.  We put ourselves in your shoes and consider how we impact your day-to-day job.

Always Improving

We are always looking to the future and how we can better serve our customers.  We do this by listening to the voice of our customers.  We are driven by our customer’s feedback and ways we can improve their jobs.


We believe it is so important to take responsibility for yourself, your work, your word and your commitments.  We are accountable to each other and our customers.  This means that we are human and can make mistakes sometimes.  If we do, we are transparent, own it and remedy it.


If we can’t solve your problem, we would rather tell you up front. We do the right business at the right time, rather than the wrong business at the wrong time.  Our goal is a relationship that has longevity.


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