Gone are the days of cutting and pasting data from multiple locations to create a snapshot of your business. Dataccuity enables you to pull information from any application where you record data. Centralizing this information gives you the power to integrate and analyze your data to drive your value equation. Through our Excel-based user interface, you can now have access to all of your data, such as your financial, payroll, inventory, sales, and CRM systems. You are in control to create customized operational and financial reports with the training provided during implementation. Since this information is stored in the solution’s data repository, including the formatting and formulas of your report, you are provided comfort knowing that your reports are right every time.

Key Features

Simple Functionality

Easy Excel-based user interface allows you to leverage your team’s Excel skills. 

Any Data Source

Import information from any of your applications with a few clicks of a mouse.  No longer are you dependent on other departments with limited availability, or resources, to send you data.


You have the power to easily change your reports or create new ones.  Flexible reporting parameters, defined by you, let you decide how you want to see your data.


All your reporting data is pulled directly from your secure database—numbers, format and formulas.  No chance of errors being made by manual entry or accidentally inserting rows or columns. 

We work with you to create a portfolio of custom report templates. These reports range from financial reports, such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow to payroll reports or sales metrics. We are able to include any reports you currently use today. We work with you to identify which reports you need from day one and then enable you to grow that portfolio as your business needs change.

“Dataccuity undoubtedly exceeded our expectations. It was installed quickly and is easy to use. We were able to seamlessly link Dataccuity to all our databases and software systems to generate a variety of analytical reports that have allowed us to greatly improve expense management.”

Brad H., CFO at Home Brands

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