Leave basic charts and graphs where they belong—in the last century. Dataccuity offers a whole new portfolio of interactive graphics. Get creative with your data.

Dashboards are a great way to give a visual snapshot of the top KPIs you want your team monitoring.  Set targets or let your team see how they compare to similar teams or divisions through easy indicators in the dashboard.  With our software, you will quickly be able to deliver stunning, effective and professional dashboards.



Key Features

Drag and Drop Interface

Easily change from a pie chart to a line graph just by selecting the picture of the visual you want to see.

Data Blending

With our central repository, you can easily blend data for deeper analysis.

Complete Customization

Each solution is customized to your needs. There are no canned dashboards we expect your business to fit. We know you are unique and require a solution that is uniquely you.

Unlimited Drilldowns

Drilldown from a dashboard to another dashboard, a graph with more details, a report, or all of the above.

Dataccuity easily connects your data, wherever it originates. Dataccuity uses a unique data blending solution, which gives you the ability to consolidate data from multiple locations in diverse formats, and transform it into a useful data set without the need for programming. One of our representatives can assist you with a custom solution that’s right for your organization.

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