By leveraging your data, Dataccuity’s budgeting module allows you to drive your budget from operational or financial data.  Our robust functionality gives you unlimited versioning ability.  Create a best case, “what if” and a conservative version with the ability to report against all your versions.  You can use a top down, bottom up or a hybrid approach based upon your business needs.  With global editing, you can change your drivers in one central location which then cascades to all your dependent budgets, saving time and improving accuracy.  

Key Features

Simple Functionality

Easy Excel-based user interface allows you leverage your team’s Excel skills. No programming or IT needed.


You have the power to easily change your budgets.  Modify your budget drivers in a single location, add new accounts in a secure environment where budget managers cannot add or delete rows and columns or accidently write over formulas.

Payroll Planning

Complete payroll and labor solutions for monthly, biweekly, weekly or daily pay period forecasting.  Forecast by department, employee, job code, and pay code for wages, benefits, hours and FTEs.  


Dimension structures are as flexible as your business needs. It can accommodate currency conversions, intercompany eliminations and multiple allocation structures to name a few.

Spread Methodologies

Spread costs by seasonality, escalate year over year spend based on actuals, or have detailed inputs for items like travel, where you need more information than just a number – you design the methodologies that work best for you. 

Unlimited Versioning

Compare best case, most likely, and worst case scenarios and report between them.

Dataccuity’s secure budget workbook environment keeps your budget safe from rows or columns being added, information deleted or formulas being overwritten.   You decide what input your budget managers can enter into the workbook.  Every company operates differently, and your budget environment reflects this. We are able to customize your solution or you can choose from a standard. We listen to your requirements and create the budget template(s) that will give you the flexible and robust solution that works best for you.

“Dataccuity budgeting links seamlessly with our PDI Enterprise software and provides Excel-based worksheets for our managers to edit and create budgets. It then seamlessly imports the budgets into PDI”

Alan B., Director of Finance for Flyers Energy

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